“Porobleno v Ukraini”

“Porobleno v Ukraini” – is a television entertainment project of “Studia Quartal-95” and TV channel “Inter” featuring pop stars, cinema, famous faces of creative, sporting and political elite of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. The format of the project – burlesque show.

The program presented a humorous custom versions of popular videos, commercials and movies and other . “Porobleno v Ukraini» – is a completely new approach to creating video works with a big budget and high-quality post-production. Viewers can see a new video for the song famous guest of the program, specially filmed commercials with his participation, or a short film – anything, there is no strict framework.

All these works are not only fun and interesting, but also they have the same quality of the shooting and production as originals.

Studio “Kvartal 95” and TV Channel “Inter”

Evgeniy Zakutin

Vladimir Kolesnik, Yuriy Meshalkin, Alexey Popov, Alexandr Zhukov, Shura Borodina