Beefeater “The world’s delicious gin”

2016 Kyiv International Advertising Festival – Best of contest (Film craft)

One of the world’s best gins should be presented in the most impressive way!

Let us to present the TVc commercial for “the world’s delicious gin”, Beefeater Gin. The project is performed by our team together with Radioaktive Film, it’s really bright and interesting work from point of creative idea, as well as because of production and technical processes.


Client: Beefeater Gin
Production: Radioaktive Film

Director: Max Ksyonda

Producer: Serg Kolesnik, Vladimir Piven
CG: Volodymyr Kolisnyk, Yuriy Meshalkin, Valeriy Krylusov, Yaroslav Di Siena, Eugene Titarenko, Alexey Popov, Andrey Stepanenko, Andrey Melnikov

Color Grading: Michael Khodak
Music: Anton Denisov



Total the preparation for shooting took near 1 month, the production of the video took 2 months. Key to success is the great team of specialists, who worked as one unit.


Motion control

The TVc is developed using the motion control technology. This is combined shooting in few expositions with use of robotic motion control crane, which allows to control freely the camera and to reiterate exactly set movements, as well as changes of camera focus. The technology allows to combine any moving object with any background, using panorama and movement of camera. One another opportunity of technology is “people cloning”. So, in the same scene can appear same actors and do different actions unlimited times.



All the locations appearing in video are 3D. In order to show real atmosphere and mood of England we used real street in London; also a group of architectors and consultants helped us to get maximal realistic buildings.


Color Grading

The very important role plays also the stylized color grading, which increases the filling of holiday, as well as emphasizes additional some originality and specialty of the product. So, the world’s best gins should be presented in the world’s best way.