About Us


Video Editing

Offline, online video editing on Adobe Premiere & Apple Final Cut Pro software; four editing units are connected with common high-speed SAN disk array to ensure simultaneous work of several editors on the same project.

English speaking film editors.


CGraphics Design / Motion Graphics / Online VFX

In our team we’ve got specialists in the field of CGraphics, Motion Graphics, 3D and composing. We do compound modeling, animation and rendering with Maya, Renderman and Mental Ray.

For a high-speed rendering we use Linux-based render farm developed in our company.

TV commercials production, TV programs design and credits for feature films. We create special effects for films and music videos. Color correction, tracking/stabilising, after-touch and complex adaptations.

We also supervise shooting process of the scenes which are supposed to be further processed or where VFX will be created.


Sound Recording / Sound FX

Three sound studios, special equipment for voice over recording, films post-dubbing, sound effects, mixing (there’s possibility for 5.1 mixing).

Sound directors work on the equipment that is recognized a standard in world’s leading sound studios: Apple-based Avid ProTools. We also have a fully-equipped studio for music composing.

The department has three sets for sound recording on set which are used by experienced sound operators and boom operators; sound material on set is recorded in ProTools multi-track sessions.



The team of experienced producers works as a part of the department. They carry our Client-performer communication and control availability of source materials and project deadlines.

Company’s office is located in the central part of Kiev.


Formation of Kiev Postproduction

The history of the company started much earlier than its official registration date. In 1997 the team of Ukrainian post production pioneers created Santa Graphics studio which can be called “the mother of KPP”.

Kiev Postproduction® inherited Santa Graphics’ best minds and hands, together with a precious experience gained by cat and try method and the diploma in “Music videos” nomination from the Seventh Moscow International Festival of Computer Graphics and Animation (1999) for the music video for “Misyats” by Natalia Mogilevskaya (directed by Max Papernik).

Since then Kiev Postproduction® (or just KPP as we call it) became a guarantee for non-standard decisions, unique approaches to video of any complexity level (whenever it is a commercial, music video or TV film).


Do you love advertising as much as we do?!

The number of commercials that we have produced is over several hundred! Our clients have become good friends and we are always happy see old and new friends! We are pleased that this love is mutual.

In 2016, at the Kiev International Advertising Festival, our work “Beefeater” won the award, the Grand Prix of the festival “Best of contest” in the category “Film craft”.

In 2018, the music video for Avicii – Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora, in which KPP was directly involved, won at the “MTV Video Music Awards” in the category “BEST DANCE VIDEO” and was nominated in the category “BEST VISUAL EFFECTS”.

We actively cooperate with film companies on special effects creation, video editing and sound mixing of feature films and documentaries.

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