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Hyperlink – is any method of providing the link from one place on the Internet (web page) to another one (another web page or another place on the same web page) and involves the mechanism for communication or file access via Internet.

The site and all its content including design, text, graphics, programs source codes and software are the objects of copyright. All the rights (including third party rights) for the above mentioned results of intellectual activity are protected by law of copyright and intellectual property. You agree to comply with the requirements of the legislation on copyright and intellectual property during the use of this site (and\or its content), and agree not to violate these rules. You declare that you will not allow unauthorized copying, distribution or use of the contents of this website (except for the cases mentioned in Terms of Use) unless you have received prior written consent of the owner.

All video materials placed on the website are available for personal use only. Any other use of materials and objects of intellectual property from the website entails administrative, civil and criminal liability according to effective laws of Ukraine.



You can download logo of the owner to your computer for further use in your print products under the condition of obtaining his written agreement. Logos from the website which don’t belong to the owner can be used only by the agreement of their legal owners.


Third party websites

Only for the convenience of use, the website may provide hyperlinks to other websites, which are supported by third parties. If you decide to visit such a website you agree that you do it at your own risk and have the responsibility for taking all the safety measures regarding viruses and other dangerous components. You also agree that the owner does not control and is not responsible for materials placed on other websites. Access to the website supported by third party may require fulfilling all the conditions and terms of use of this website.

The owner does not provide any guarantee or confirmation regarding any connected websites, correctness of contained information, any described product or service.


External links to the website

All the hyperlinks to the website have to be confirmed with the owner in written form excluding special cases when the owner agrees with hyperlink usage:

  • The link is a simple context one containing only the name —
  • When the user activates the link the main page appears full size in browser window. Site cannot be opened in the frame window on the site containing a hyperlink to the website
  • Do not place link to the site on non-static pages (for example, on software-generated ones)
  • Design, location and other characteristics of hyperlink should not create a false impression that the company which is supporting the site is related to the owner or is sponsored by it. They also should not weaken or damage the reputation of the owner
  • The owner reserves the right to remove those hyperlinks at any time without giving any reason


Additional conditions of using the website

Terms of Use come into operation when you access to the site and act perpetuity. However, the owner may restrict your right to use the site without noticing, if you violate any of the paragraphs of the terms of use of the website. Termination of the right to use the site according to this paragraph does not affect the rights and means of judicial protection that the owner may apply for protection of the violated rights.


Changing of conditions of using the website

Here you can find actual Terms of Use of the website by the owner. These terms can be changed, modified or corrected at any time at owner’s discretion without noticing users. Changes to the terms of use take effect at the time of publication of the amended terms on the site. You are responsible for getting acquainted with the updated and current terms of use of the site every time you visit the site.


Changes of the site

The owner may, at any time, eliminate, alter, suspend or terminate any part of the site, including website functionality and services, and impose limits on certain functions and services or restrict your access to parts of the site or the whole site without informing about any reasons.


Waiver of the right

The fact that the owner cannot at any time enforce the execution of the terms of use of the site may not be considered or interpreted as a waiver of the rights of the owner according to the Terms of use.


Gathered information

The owner guarantees not to disclose and not to pass your personal information to the third parties.

The owner collects the following information about website users: domen name, email address, information about websites you visit and all other information provided by you.

You may also visit the website without informing us about yourself and not providing us with any information.

Particular website services require users registration and providing following data: name, address, telephone number, fax and email address.


Use of gathered information

Gathered information about domen name is not used for personal identification of every single website user. This information is being gathered for statistical data, in particular, to count the number of visitors, time spent on the website and visited pages analysis. This information is used only to measure site traffic, improve its content, availability and quality of information.

To collect this information, official versions of known “counters” of visits produced by other manufacturers are used on the site.

As a rule, personal information is used only upon the requests of visitors and for processing their requests. We will inform you in which form the information has to be provided and about its speed of processing.

We guarantee not to disclose for any reason the information received, we do not pass data to third parties for marketing and other use. The information received from you can be disclosed only in the cases required by law or upon your request.


Links to other sites

The site may contain links to other sites that are not supported by the owner. We try to provide links only to websites that meet our requirements and maintain confidentiality. However, we are not responsible for the content, security and safety of other sites. You have to study the rules of privacy and security of each site you access through links on our website, and the decision on visiting these sites is up to you.


Security of collected information

We take all the measures for your private information security and take all the reasonable steps to prevent it from loss, damage, unauthorized use, disclosure, unauthorized or unacceptable access. The right to use your contact information is granted only to website administration and owner’s personnel who are responsible for site users requests.



For any further questions please use the Contacts page in our website. We will be happy to see all your questions and suggestions.